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The color purple : a novel, Walker, Alice

Publisher: Wolters – Noordhoff
Year of Publication: 1997
Published first time: 1983
Number of pages: 229
Library Catologue number: Enge walk

The reason(s) why you chose this book

The reason for me to choose this book, is actually quite easy to explain. For the third book report, the book had to be written after after 1980. I’d read Robinson Crusoë, which is written before 1980. So, I was allowed to count that book report as the fourth one, so this book counts as the third book report. I went searching in the library, and this book is the first one I found which is written after 1980. That’s actually the only reason.

What is the plot of the novel in your own words?

The Color Purple is about Celie’s life. Celie is a black woman growing up in the South of the United States. She must overcome racism, chauvini