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Stone cold, Swindells, Robert

  1. Robert Swindells, Stone Cold, Puffin Teenage Fiction, 1995. First published in: 1993. Number of pages: 132. Library catalogue number: ME.
  2. I chose this book, because the title attracted me. I like scary books and this one looked very scary.
  3. Link ran away from home, because he didn’t like Vince, his mom’s boyfriend. He went to London. At first he had a place to live, but after a few days he was out of money. That’s why he became a beggar. The first night he was sleeping on the streets his watch was stolen. He meets Ginger. Ginger taught him how to live on the streets. Suddenly Ginger disappeared. Link meets Gail and they became friends. Then they meet Nick, a guy who sells the Big Issue. He tells them that