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The adventures of Tom Sawyer, Twain, Mark

A. Contents

De samenvatting van het boek is per hoofdstuk gemaakt.

Chapter I

Aunt Polly was calling Tom, but no answer came. After a while Tom finally came to have supper. His aunt asked him what he had been doing. Tom' s mouth and hands where dirty and his aunt was sure that he had fought, so Tom admitted. Tom was playing tricks with his aunt all the time. Tom was going to play hookey, this afternoon and had had a very good time with his friends. After the game he went to help Jim, the small coloured boy. Sid, his half-brother was already done with the job. His aunt asked him if it had been warm, while he was working at Jim's. She asked if he wanted to go for a swimming. She thought he had been doing that in stead of working on the right time. The summer evenings where long. Once, there was a well- dressed newcomer in town. Tom did not liked him. After a while they began to fought. They shouted at each other. That night he came pretty late at home.

Chapter II

Saturday morning was come, and all the summer world was bright and fresh, and brimming with life. Everybody was happy. Cardiff Hill was green with vegetation. Tom


23 februari 2008 @ 22:40 uur

Doe alsjeblieft iets aan je engels… de inhoud kwam gelukkig wel goed overeen.